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a little more of me dies tonight

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That's amazing, thanks for sharing !

And it took me 5 trips to Japan, a total of 1 year overall, to actually discover the K-books and other stores in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It's not like they are hidden or anything, I'm just blind.

Lolol I knew that Mandarake and K-Books and JPQueen existed cuz I've been buying from them since my college days. I knew once I got to Japan there could only be more choices - like Lashinbang for instance, which doesn't have an online store. But searching through the shelves is tiring work, and dj is an expensive hobby on a small budget >.<;;; But I don't regret my addiction for the world XDDD

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you so much! Seems Hakuouki yaoi DJ is amongst the rarest of birds. :(

Oh yeah, it's...there but quality stuff is impossible to find >.>

ASDF Thank you so much for this one! ♥

Thanks a lot for sharing!!
I just finished the first seasons of Hakuouki and was searching for doujinshis with these two pretty guys. *__* Having them together in one is of course even more appreciated. ;)

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for scan and sharing!!!
So cute and lovely

hello could you translate these to english? if its ok :)

Uhhhh I'm so inundated with projects right now in the Kurobasu fandom...please find someone else to translate this, I'm sorry!

oh I see... thanks anyway ^^

OMFG, I wish I found this before my two weeks in Osaka. I found a Mandarake, but only saw a butt-ton of hentai. I think I embarrassed a ton of businessmen wandering the aisles, gaping at the enormous breasts.

Hmm. Did you go to the one in Shinsaibashi, the Grand Chaos one? The BL doujinshi is on the 3rd have to go up one more floor.

In terms of Hakuouki BL, though...I gotta say there's people who are "Eh, that's nice" but I don't think anybody iconic in the doujinshi world has picked it up. Thus it remains kind of lonely and abandoned...

Ooooh do you live in Kansai? I would *love* a doujinshi shopping buddy or fellow fangirl to hang out with! I don't know any RL people around here who like BL at all!! (I'm in Hyogo, btw)

Ahaha, this was just a loooong vacation after I finished my teaching contract in Korea. Sorry I missed you! I was travelling alone and would've loved to meet you for some fangirling.

Awww...what a pity. Well, if you're ever in the area again, tell me! :D I'll help find stuff~

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