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star light, star bright

a little more of me dies tonight

[sticky post]Second Master List of Kuroko Doujinshi Scans

2013.11.22 Link for Japanese "After School Paradise 2" up
2013.11.22 Link for Japanese "A rough sketch" up
2013.11.17 Link for Japanese "Namida Nante 3" up
2013.06.30 Link for English "Kiseki no Matsuri" up
2013.06.29 Link for English "Kiguu no Kyuujitsu" up
2013.06.27 Link for English "AK Working Warning" Part 14 up
2013.05.29 Link for Japanese "Kiguu no Kyuujitsu" up
2013.05.28 Link for Japanese "Kise Days" up
2013.05.24 Link for Japanese "Sayonara Subarashiki Seishun" up
2013.05.24 Link for Japanese "Kiseki no matsuri" up
2013.05.23 Link for Japanese "AK Working Warning" up

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Master List of Kuroko Doujinshi Scans
Sooooo I thought it was high time I actually did this before I accumulated so much scanned doujinshi I couldn't keep track of who was doing what.

Title links are to MY ORIGINAL POSTS. If/once there is a scanlation link, tell me, I will post it below. IF THERE IS NO TITLE LINK it means I haven't cleaned it yet, which means there IS no link AKA no download. YET.

Also, as everyone knows, I did not draw all of these and I am making no money off of them. I am only sharing them for the people who can't get their hands on them otherwise (and like me, cannot bear to live without).


It would be greatly appreciated.

This way nobody's doing repeats (unless the story is THAT irresistible or something).


2014.02.04 Link for Vietnamese "Boku no Koto" up
2013.08.29 Link for English "Reversible" up
2013.08.12 Link for Vietnamese "Food Friends" up
2013.08.12 Link for English "Sunnyside Laiday" up
2013.06.27 Link for English "Seirin Lovers" up
2013.06.27 Link for English "Kimi ga Nemuru" up
2013.06.17 Link for Thai "Cheer Up" up
2013.06.09 Link for English "Love is Love's Reward" up
2013.05.20 Link for Vietnamese "Kodomo Kiseki" up
2013.05.19 Link for English "Violation-->Fouls" up

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For all interested:

Polish doujinshi scanlation site: Perfect Copy

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("After School Paradise 2" by GGG)
After School Paradise 2 001

title: After School Paradise 2
Circle: GGG
Pairing: KagaKuro, KiseKasa, MuraHimu, ImaAo, MidoTaka
Rating: PG-13 for kissing
Pages: 48
Notes: sequel to "After School Paradise".

Japanese joke?Collapse )

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("A rough sketch" by FUJIKO)
A rough sketch 001

Title: A rough sketch
Circle: FUJIKO
Pairing: mostly KagaKuro, some AoKiseKuro, MuraAka, ImaSaku
Rating: R just to be safe
Pages: 20
Notes: same person who did "Kagami-kun hshs...". There is NO STORY in this book. It is a collection of pencil sketches.

This year isn't Tiger Year, you knowCollapse )

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("Namida Nante 3" by Escapizma)
Okay, long long hiatus, sorry. I'm back for the most part.

Namida Nante 3 001

Title: Namida Nante Daikirai 3 (I Hate Your Tears 3)
Circle: Escapizma
Pairing: AoKise
Rating: G
Pages: 56
Notes: sequel to Namida Nante 1 + 2

DAMMIT. LET. ME. GO!!Collapse )


Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("Kiguu no Kyuujitsu" by knock outlaw)

Title: Kiguu no Kyuujitsu
Circle: knock outlaw
Pairing: KagaKuro
Rating: NC-17
Pages: 26
Notes: a PWP. No, seriously.

Wha - please wait a moment, Kagami-kun!Collapse )

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("Daily Life of Kise Ryota" by KILIN)

Title: Kise Days
Circle: KILIM
Pairing: KiseKuro; gen
Rating: G
Pages: 19
Notes: So. This one has a few short stories in it. Only the ending is kinda-KiseKuro.


Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("Sayonara Shibarashiki Seishun" by Nb)

Title: Sayonara Subarashiki Seishun
Circle: Nb
Pairing: KagaKuro
Rating: G
Pages: 70
Notes: in contrast to her other work, "Oshiete Kuroko-sensei", this work is totally innocent.

Please don't go, Kagami-kunCollapse )

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("Kiseki no Matsuri" by sakigake!onnamae)

Title: Miracle Festival (Kiseki no Matsuri)
Circle: sakigake!onnamae
Pairing: MuraAka
Rating: PG
Pages: 22
Notes: Kiseki kids at the summer festival.

I'll take care of himCollapse )

Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi ("AK Working Warning" by various)

Title: AK Working Warning
Circle: various
Pairing: AoKaga
Rating: PG
Pages: 122

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